A musical revue about climate change for middle/high school students. Fun, inspring and informative! You can produce this show on a small budget. Irthlingz is available for consultation. Background Information for Teachers and Directors Many people feel overwhelmed by the problem of global climate change. The have busy lives, and they feel there is little if anything they can do to help. This is not true! There are many things we all can do, from small things to big things, and every one is important. Not only that, but both learning and taking care of our planet can and should be fun and rewarding! Penguins on Thin Ice uses music to share both inspiration and scientific information about global climate change and what people can do to help curb its effects. Music feeds our spirits and gets our blood pumping. It helps our minds while it speaks to our hearts. At Irthlingz, we believe in the great potential of humanity of Americans to meet this great challenge to our planet, our lives, our children's futures. Together, we can do it, if we inform ourselves and begin taking real action now. It is this belief that inspired us to create Penguins on Thin Ice. Global climate change (also called global warming) is very likely the greatest challenge facing humanity. Yet this increasing problem is still largely overlooked by our society. Why? One reason is a lack of attention in the media. Another reason is the lack of will by our government to deal with the problem. This applies to both parties! Powerful corporations have also encouraged our government to keep alternative 'sustainable' energy sources from competing in the energy market. The government's resistance has to do with our economy, which is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) create greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide) that are greatly intensifying global climate change. The U.S. is by far the largest emitter of the greenhouse gases in the world. There are alternative sustainable sources of energy which would help solve the problem of global climate change, help our economy and create good jobs in the process! As a unified voice, we can tell our government and industries that we need higher fuel efficiency standards for our vehicles, improved energy efficiency in production, and specific targets and timetables for reducing emissions. There is a lot of good information available. We've recommended some sources below. We joyously invite you to join our efforts to create a healthier world for all people, all creatures, and to confidently pass that world along to our kids.
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